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The Chesterton Schools Network, an initiative of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, is designed to support the establishment of new Catholic high schools across the nation — including Florida. The mission behind our faith-based learning curriculum and private high school experience is to deliver a turn-key academic and operational model for affordable, classical, joyfully Catholic high schools.

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Our Classical Curriculum Focus

The primary focus of our Florida Catholic high schools is on empowering parents and students, providing an education that supports sustainability and success for each school within the network. Each school’s inclusive classroom environment encourages character development, uploads value to education and promotes career readiness in students. The overall curriculum focuses on:

  • Academics

  • Intellectual Formation

  • Character Formation

  • Spiritual Formation

The Chesterton Academy also implements a House system inspired by traditional Christian education practices at Oxford and Cambridge. This system fosters a sense of community within the school, allowing students to develop leadership skills and cultivate virtues. The Houses include Ambrose, Athanasius, Augustine, and Chrysostom.

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Partnerships for Student Success

Through collaboration between the laity and the clergy, we create a supportive network that enables the successful launch and operation of Catholic high schools, promoting growth and vitality in classical education. Our academic model provides a comprehensive framework for launching new schools and integrating the principles we live by.

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