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Indiana Catholic High Schools

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Now is your chance to enroll your child in the Chesterton Schools Network, a branch of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, with a mission to promote faith-based learning and character development. Our schools across the country help foster the growth of classical education curriculums mixed with Catholic values — including some opening in Indiana. Learn more about how we help students and their parents make the most of our organization!

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Our Main Academic Emphases

Chesterton Schools Network’s Indiana Catholic high schools prioritize the development of students and parents alike, guaranteeing sustainable and prosperous educational experiences for everyone in our network. By creating inclusive classroom settings, we nurture character growth, uphold educational values, and enhance student readiness for future careers. Key components of our curriculum include:

  • Traditional Academics (Humanities, Sciences, Math, Fine Arts)

  • Character Building

  • Spiritual Nurturing

Drawing inspiration from the educational traditions of Oxford and Cambridge, the Chesterton Academy in Indiana has adopted a House system. Through this system, named after notable Christian figures, such as Chesterton and Aquinas, our students cultivate leadership skills, foster community bonds, and embrace virtues vital for personal growth.

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Building Bridges for Student Achievement

Our Catholic education facilities unite the laity and the clergy, forming a strong support network that ensures the successful establishment and operation of Catholic high schools in Indiana and beyond. This collaboration enhances the growth and development of classical education, offering a comprehensive framework for school launches and sustainable practices.

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Join hands with us to revolutionize Indiana Catholic high school education, providing students with an affordable educational journey rooted in tradition. Get in touch with our Indiana partners today to learn more about our holistic student development and faith-based learning approach!

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