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The Chesterton Schools are quietly reclaiming the hearts of educators and education and planting the seeds of Beauty, Truth, Goodness, and Hope. We journey through centuries of thought, leading us here and now today. We are faced with a choice: what legacy will we leave behind us as we journey through our brief life?

Ivana Quadrelli, Faculty

Chesterton Academy of St. Joseph Dayton


Chesterton is not just a school, it is a movement. More than that, it is an educational revolution, and one I believe is being led by the Holy Spirit. I have read (in awe) stories about saints who founded multiple schools or orphanages or hospitals, wondering how they could do so much so quickly, only to realize that it is singularly the Spirit who can move so swiftly through the heart of the Church. [ ] I realized for the first time that I was not just reading about some movement of the Spirit from the past but was part of that movement right now. My advice to any reader considering founding a Chesterton Academy near you? Join the revolution.

Dr. Ryan Mainard, Board President

Chesterton Academy of the Willamette Valley

students in uniform sitting in circle of chairs

I experienced the sheer quiet power (there’s a Chesterton paradox for you) occurring behind the scenes of all the schools. Chesterton quipped that the last great act of rebellion was to be Orthodox, and that “there never was anything so perilous or so exciting as orthodoxy.” I excitedly felt like a thief in the night, a soldier strategizing with his troops in the war against Modernism, not using the modern educational guns of sparkles and vogue untried methods, but with the quiet but penetrating sword of orthodoxy.

Zach Summers, Headmaster

Chesterton Academy of St. Margaret Clitherow Knoxville